November 01, 2012

It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown !

Little O had his first experience with a pumpkin the night before halloween.  We don't really celebrate Halloween, but we have decided to do pumpkins as a tradition, and let him dress up too.  As he gets older we'll explain it to him, but for now it's just a fun family day. :)
Anyway, it had gotten all-of-a-sudden freezing here so we decided to do it inside on the kitchen floor.  He was very intrigued at me cutting into the top, and a little worried at first.  He'd grown very fond of his pumpkins - even blowing them kisses as we would leave the house sometimes. :)
He was very eager to get in the action and help!


 He did NOT love the slimyness of the guts... he was just fine as long as he had his spoon and/or scooper though! :)

 In the above shot, he's got the scooper.  Below, we were trying to get him to reach in there with his bare hand... that's as far as he got.  :)

 At a couple different times he got goo on his foot, and he would just hold it up like that until we did something about it.  It was SO stinkin' cute.  If we waited long enough to take the goo off, he would just continue on about whatever he was doing, leaving his foot suspended in mid-air like that.  HIL.AIR.IOUS.


 I think he got tired of me taking pictures of his foot rather than cleaning it off - and decided to try himself :)
 Checking out the cleaned-out pumpkin... and banging it like a drum with the spoon.
 He was getting tired and restless by the time I finished carving the face with a steak knife.. cause the carving one broke.  (PSA: It is NOT easy or safe to carve a pumpkin with a steak knife)
But I asked him to show me his teeth and got this oh-so-adorable grin!
Then we took it outside and put a candle in it..
He thought it was very cool, and kept saying "hot, hot hot hot" and trying to blow on it.  Not because he knows to blow out a candle, but because we tell him his food might be hot and to blow on it.  So anything that is "hot" he blows on. (aside: This includes a hot summer day when we would walk outside and it was hot.  He would start blowing.  When the oven is on (or just the oven light) he blows on it.  When he sees coffee in the coffee pot.  It's cute :) )
Anyway, I tried really hard to get him to sit down next to the pumpkin and cheese again, so I could get a pic with the real camera, but couldn't get the smile, he wanted me to come sit next to him (hence the pointing finger).

The next night we were invited to a Halloween party that Bill's co-worker was throwing, so we headed over there and O got to play with some other kids, pet a guinea pig and trick-or-treat to the 5-6 houses that are the cul-de-sac the couple lived in.  He really enjoyed going from house to house, and even started saying "tik-teet" once he started hearing the other kids saying it!  It was SO cute to hear his little voice say "tik-teet" in his cute little lion costume.  And the joy on his face every time he got to get something in his little bucket.  (Not that he knew what was going in there, he was just happy to have it).  Love the simple joys of toddler-hood.

I just love all these 'firsts' that we're getting to experience with our little bear.  This age is just so perfect to explore new things and see how he reacts to them.  I love, love, love it!