October 20, 2012

"Ano'er One?"

Most kids say, "Trick or treat!" when going from person to person, waiting anxiously to collect their goods.  Some older, clever ones even said "trunk or treat" as they walked from trunk to trunk at the Lake Norman Mommies annual Trunk or Treat event tonight.  But Owen just kept saying "ano'er one?" (another one?) over and over again!  But let me start at the beginning...

We arrive and Owen was immediately enamored with all the kids walking around in costumes.  It's like he couldn't move his head fast enough in all directions around the parking lot to see all of them! He was very excited to see his buds Colin and Caroline though!

 He particularly liked a little girl dressed as a dinosaur!
While we were waiting in line for our family picture at the photo station I snapped this - love the little tail :) (and he's not sad, he's just tired, and also eye-balling a little kid dressed like Sully from Monster's Inc.)

After a little while lion needed to recharge with a snack.  Who knew lions like spinach and kale rice puffs?  I always thought they were carnivores.  Guess that goes to show what I know.  :)

After snack we did the costume contest, he didn't win, or even get in the top six, but honestly, I'm not sure what the judging criteria was because a couple of the ones that were chosen weren't all that cute in my (completely unbiased) opinion. :)
After that the trick or treating started.  Everyone was parked in the parking lot and a lot of the trunks were decorated with bowls of candy sitting in them.  Everyone just walked around grabbing a piece of candy.  Once Owen figured out that he could take one out of the trunk bowl and put it in his bucket he was so excited!  He kept saying, "more, more?"  "Ano'er one? Ano'er one?" and clapping his hands excitedly every time he got a new one to put in his bucket.  I don't have any idea what he was getting, and he didn't either, but he just loved it!  He would jump up and down and clap his hands and just keep going from trunk to trunk.
Afterward we got all the kids together for a picture in Becky's trunk.  Her and her kids dressed up as Cinderella, Prince Charming and she was the fairy god mother - hence the castle in the trunk.  And it was quite entertaining trying to get the kids to all look in the same general direction - let alone actually at the camera.  Oh well, the cuteness is still enough to make you wanna reach through your screen and squeeze em - is it not? :)


I'm so glad we went to this - we aren't doing trick or treating and this was such a great alternative for him.  He loved every minute of it.  The people watching, dancing to the music the DJ was pumpin' out, eating pizza for dinner outside, hanging out with his friends and of course the trunk or treating part.
Huge thanks to our friend April for letting us borrow her lion costume, and to the Huffs for letting us crash their trunk!  :)