November 16, 2011


Holy mustard little Owen has been growing faster than I can blog about it!  I so love that I get to stay home and relish every moment!  It's time to ketchup before I get in a pickle and start forgetting!  (yes, the condiment jokes are over now, you can quit rolling your eyes)

November 2nd
His first time coloring!  Okay, well, he mostly tried to eat the crayons, but he did manage to get a few scribbles on the paper, and with momma's help he made a smashing card for Papa's birthday :)

November 3rd
I put him down on his blanket to play with some toys while I fixed lunch and about 5 minutes later I turned around and saw that he had migrated pretty far!  He still isn't crawling, but he sure can scoot around when he wants to!


November 6th (ish)
He was laying on the couch next to me and a big part of his blanket was up above his head, so he grabbed it trying to eat it, well when it  (unexpectedly) covered his whole face he got such a kick out of it he was giggling like mad!  Ever since, if there's a blanket nearby that he can pull over himself, he'll do it.  Every so often he'll peek out at us and start giggling!

November 10th

Mommy finally took the plunge and cut his bangs!  Poor kid's bangs were down to his nose, so I just took a deep breath, told him to hold reeeeeaaaallllly still, and did it!  It didn't turn out too bad, and there were no eyes gouged out or ears cut off! :)

November 11th (ish)Owen has been practicing his 'th' sound... but he draws his out so it almost sounds like he's hissing... but with a lisp.  It's pretty darn cute. I caught it on camera the other day!

November 12th (ish)
Owen discovered how to make noise - intentionally!  He was sitting in his highchair while I was making lunch and he dropped his orange monkey toy on the tray (making a loud noise).  Well, apparently he thought that was cool because he picked it up and continued banging it as hard as he could on the tray over and over again, kicking his feet and giggling the whole time!

November 13th (ish)
Owen has been lunging!  When he's sitting up he's been lunging forward onto his hands and knees.. well, mostly just his hands and belly really - it's like he wants to crawl... usually he ends up toppling over (as seen below) but it's cute to watch and I think there may be movement in the future!
This day was also Owen's first time wearing a size 3 diaper!  The kid came out wearing a size one, and was in two's for quite a while... but now we're on to three's!

November 14th
Owen has always loved bath time, and has always been a big splasher.  Well, he's graduated in the splashing category  - he know splashes with his hands and his feet!  He was kicking away and dropped his toy and when he went for it he splashed himself in the face.  After getting over the shock of it he decided he liked it and went crazy! (in unrelated news, mom got a shower that night - free of charge and fully clothed.)  :)
This day was also Owen's first outting alone with daddy!  They headed to the mall while momma was working and wouldn't ya know, the Santa people asked him to be a baby model for their advertising!  Bill said he didn't want to sign the waiver without me there, but I thought it was too sweet!

Food -
We're continuing with the BLW approach and have not tried any purees.  We're sticking with veggies first to help him acquire a taste for them.  When possible, we give him organically grown veggies.  We're avoiding all starches, carbs and processed foods right now.  Right now is more of an 'exploration' stage, getting him to explore and try different tastes and textures.  He still nurses on demand all day and gets all his nutrition from that. 

So far we've tried (in this order):
Baked and mashed Acorn Squash - negative
Sliced Avacodo - negative
Baked and cubed Butternut Squash - negative
Baked and mashed Butternut Squash - negative
Celery (raw) - Positive! He loves to chew on it, but when it gets to be room temperature he usually is done.. I think he likes it for more of a teether than actual food :)
Steamed Broccoli - undecided
We seem to have found somewhat of a pattern (maybe) in that he doesn't like squishy foods.  So we're going to try broccoli another time or two and next on the menu will be (homemade) sweet potato fries!

Whew, that's a lot!  Glad I finally got it all down though!