August 06, 2011


...Owen has been sitting up stronger and stronger!

... Owen has been being more purposefull with his movements.  Like when we lay in bed in the morning and snuggle he has to be touching me - usually my arm.  He'll just lay his hand on my arm or stroke my arm until he falls asleep.  ::sigh::: bestillmyheart  Or when we snuggle on the couch watching TV or reading stories, he likes to play with my fingers until he falls asleep.  It's so sweet.
... He has been reaching for and grabbing his feet!  It's SO adorable to watch - I have yet to capture it on camera though becauseI finally caught it on camera - he usually does it in the early morning when we're laying in bed.

... Owen can easily grab toys and things you put in front of him!  He can't always hold on to them for too long, but he does great at grabbing them.  He almost always tries to put whatever it is straight in his mouth, but he hasn't quite gotten the coordination down yet, usually his hands end up there first, causing him to drop whatever he was holding - but he doesn't mind - he loves those fingers!!

... He got to try out his Jumperoo!  It's like a cross between a Johnny Jumper and an Exersaucer - daddy put it together for him last weekend and he LOVES it.  He grabs at the toys and watches the lights light up... and now that he's been in it a few times he's getting really good at jumping!

... his drool has been pouring out like a faucet... if you look closely enough in this photo you can see his spit-bubble-goatee and the discoloration on his shirt from all the drool. :)  Bibs don't do much, they just get soaking wet and soak through to the shirt.

and lately...
... he still loves standing up!  It's amazing to me at three months old how strong his little legs are.  He will stand for a really long time and does a great job at balancing too!

... he's wearing size 3-6mos or 6mos. clothes!  That outfit above is size 6mos, and so is this one below.  :)

... he's been doing better with tummy time.  He used to HATE it.  Like 2.5 seconds and he'd be screaming mad.  He does much better now and is doing good and getting his head up and kicking his feet.  He still only lasts a few minutes (hence no pictures), but we're making progress!

... oh and I almost forgot!  LATELY - he's been sleeping in his crib!  We had him in a bassinet - but he outgrew that in like 3 weeks... so then we put him in a pack & play right next to our bed since I was still getting up quite a bit to feed him.  Well, for about two weeks now he's been sleeping in his room, in the crib.  The first few nights were rough - like up every hour rough.  But he's getting used to it and it gets better each night.  I usually only get up 3 or 4 times - twice to flip him back to his side if he rolls over and wakes up, or to put the paci back in, and once or twice for feeding. 

So that's what's been happening lately!  We are loving parenthood and loving watching our little O grow and change every day!