April 20, 2011


We have finally finished the room!  Well... who am I kidding?  It will never really be finished - there's always stuff that I will want to do to change and update it as he grows... but for now - VIOLA - it's DONE! :)
 This was taken from the door of the room...
And that swirly stuff above the crib?  No, that's not some awesome artwork I hand painted on the wall... that's the letters that spell out his name, which I 'liquefied' in Photoshop... can't be giving away the secret before he comes into the world now, can I?  ;)
This one is taken from the window in the corner...
Totally in love with that floor lamp - not only is it a nice, glowy light for night time feeding and changing, but it turns on by a step-on switch on the floor!  AND it was only $20 at Ikea!
This one is taken from the closet door, by the lamp.
.... and that's that!  It's all ready for this little boy to enjoy! 

Now if only we could convince him how cool his new room is maybe he would come out into this world...  :)