March 01, 2011

So Little to Do, So Much Time!

Wait... strike that... and reverse it.

Gosh it's SO hard to get stuff done after working all day long on my feet on concrete floors wrangling 20 seven year old children.  Factor in all the stuff with work + after work stuff (Dr. apts, lifegroup, grocery shopping, etc.) and I just feel like I'm drowning!  And I'm not just talking baby stuff - I'm not stressing about that (yet) - it's just stuff in general.
For example(s):
- One of my students got me potted tulips for Valentines... they're still sitting on the kitchen counter, lifeless, because I haven't had the time/energy to plant them outside yet.
- I started a canvas painting for baby's room 3 weeks ago.  Still unfinished.
- The stack of paid bills (ThankYouJesus) is mounting higher and higher on my dresser while the filing cabinet sits nearly empty.
- The beautiful boquet of flowers hubby got me (just because) about 3 weeks ago is now not exactly dead, but not exactly thriving, but still they sit on the shelf because I don't have the energy to walk out back and toss them in the woods and clean the vase.
- The vacuum sits upstairs in our room (where I asked hubby to leave it for me) so I can vacuum the upstairs (it's the least I can do after he does the whole downstairs and cleans the kitty boxes).. however the floors are still not cleaned.
- There's a mattress topper sitting on top of the guest bed waiting to be put on
- We still haven't been to the tire store to get new tires for my car (which we've been meaning to go do for 2 weeks now)
- Still haven't been to the prego-store to get some more shirts (my 5 are all long sleeve, and it's gettin' hot!)
- Haven't been able to call the insurance company  or the car company yet (haven't been home before 5)
-.... and that doesn't include any of the baby stuff that needs to be done!

The good news is I did start the load of darks I said I would start Sunday.. then changed my mind to Monday (so I could get one more day out of my pants!)... well, they're swishing away as we speak!

::sigh::: someday it'll all get done.  But it certainly won't be today. I guess I'll just have to be okay with that.  But man, it would feel SO amazing to get it all done!  I feel like I could breath a deep breath and start tackling baby stuff if I could get all that other stuff done... but alas, not yet.   :)