February 15, 2011



i can no longer see my feet.  unless i lean over.

looking at the comfy couch in our living room no longer gives me warm fuzzy feelings.  now all i can think about is how long it will take me to get comfy, which pillows to prop where and (lovingly) hope hubby doesn't sit too close to me and make me lopsided. 

i sleep sitting upright most of the night.  not because of heartburn.  because that's the most comfortable.  sometimes my butt falls asleep and gets that numb tingly feeling, but not very often.

i've already got 2 medium sized boxes full of newborn clothes (mostly given to us, mostly hardly used).  i'm excited to put them away/organize them in the new dresser.

yea, i'm intentionally not putting any capitals anywhere.  a friend of mine that lent me her car the other day would be going crazy reading this post.  if she has made it this far into it, i would be surprised. :)

a bath always sounds really good.  but never happens.  because i no longer actually fit in my bathtub.  well. not comfortably anyway.

pregnancy tired is a whole new kinda tired.  whew. 

pregnancy brain is telling your best friend you'll take pictures of her kid and forgetting to put the memory card in the camera.  dang it. 

sometimes i waddle.  the pregnancy waddle.  only when i really have to pee, or my muscles are stretching, but it does happen sometimes.  i'm not proud of it.

my belly button has not popped out.  and i don't think it will. 

no stretch marks yet - and hoping there won't be any.

i'm still getting adjusted at the chiropractor once a week and it. does. wonders. 

i'm calling a pediatrician's office tomorrow to see if we can go meet the doctors and learn about the practice.

the cheese craving has calmed down quite a bit.  but m&m's are still a yummy snack.

i miss cuddling with my hubby, but i like it when he snuggles the baby.

the show i have on in the background just said 'moon pie'.  guess what i'm craving now.

okay. that's all. 

in case you were wondering...