March 08, 2011

On the Lighter Side...

Yeah, I know, that last post was a little heavy - well here's a short & sweet post that is sure to lighten the mood!

The amazing women that threw my baby shower for me (amazing is such an understatement bytheway) were just SO awesome that they HAND-made all the decorations for it!  How sweet is that?  You know what's even sweeter?  They all coordinate with the nursery colors.  They kept them all and gave them to me.  I'm going to use them to decorate the nursery.  Yup.  I'm pretty stoked. 
First, here's a reminder of the basic layout of the baby's room:
This is what you see standing in the doorway.  The closet is off to the right just pass the dresser/changing table.
This was taken standing by the windows.
And this one was taken standing by the closet door.
Okay, so here's what I've got so far:
These cutie-patooties will go on one of the teal walls, either the one with the crib on it or between the windows.  Still undecided if they will go horizontal, vertical or diagonal, but they are SO cute!
These fun pinwheels will also go on the one of the teal walls - perhaps next to the closet door.
This is a bag full of yarn balls - the plan for these is to get 3 shadow boxes to put on the orange wall, right by the door, in that little indent.  Then they will be filled or half-filled with these fun, colorful (handmade) balls of yarn!
These scrumptious party favors will be sitting on a wall shelf, though I will be replacing some of the Jelly-Bellies with the ribbons from the balloon bouquets (teal, orange and white).  I also plan to get some larger jars (these are only about 3 inches high) to throw in some more yarn balls or other fun color-coordinating tidbits.
These fun clothespins will NOT be hanging out the laundry!  They will be hanging from a piece of twine holding up photographs of baby boy on one of the teal walls.  (Maybe one day they'll be used to hold his artwork and photos of him)
This fun and funky garland is the only thing I'm undecided on as of yet.  We're going to try draping around the top of the walls -or maybe just one wall (near the ceiling), or they may be used to spruce up the top of the curtains... or if the garland thing isn't happening I may just detach the balls and fill the shadow boxes or jars with them... still undecided on this one, but they will be used somehow because they're cute!

Also going in the room will be this, once I get it done!
It's about 3ftx2ft and will go on the large part of the orange wall.

NOT ABLE TO BE PICTURED - his name will also be in the room - most likely over the changing table. But no pictures of that... wouldn't want to spoil the surprise!

I'm loving the way everything is coming together and I'm SO thankful to my amazing friends that took the time to make all those beautiful decorations for my shower - not only because they're so cute and colorful, but because now I get to re-use them in his room and enjoy them for a long time - even though I didn't get to see them at the shower I get a taste of it at home!

Thanks friends - I love you to pieces!