September 18, 2010

Week 9

This week was probably my most 'pregnant' week.  Which, I read, is pretty typical.  My food aversions are still very piqued and simply smelling, or even looking at some foods... well, most food, makes me get the gagging sensation.  It's really annoying but I'm trying not to complain because I still haven't actually thrown up.  Last night hubby made some garlic & chive pasta from Trader Joe's and I had to go upstairs to avoid the smell... and I usually LOVE garlic.  Two nights ago he made some frozen veggies that had light garlic on them and I had to sit on the other side of the room to be away from the smell.  I feel bad that he's got to do most of the cooking for himself, he's such an amazing husband and one of the things I enjoy doing is cooking him a good meal, but not so much lately.  I just can't stomach it. 
As for what I'm eating... not much it seems, even though I feel like I'm eating all day.  The closest thing to a meal that I can stomach lately is Ramen.  How horrible is that.  Seriously.  I know, but I have to eat something!  Plus it's easy for me to take to school for lunch.  We also made breakfast for dinner the other day - pancakes, hash browns and turkey bacon - that was good.  I can do cereal too.  Two nights ago we had dinner with our friends and it was the best dinner I've had since I don't know when - steaks off the grill and baked potatoes.  YUM.  I could have eaten 12 potatoes... that's one thing that always sounds good to me - baked or mashed potatoes.  I don't really have cravings, I pretty much eat whatever I can look at and not have a gag reflex for.
The hormones raged a couple of days this week too.  One day at school I just wanted so much to just cry because I didn't want to be there.  I don't want to teach anymore, at least not in America, and I was just overwhelmed.  Other than that day, I haven't really had many hormonal instances though and I'm okay with that.
I've noticed my lower back aching a lot more lately, my uterus is stretching too and I get pains from that once in a while.  Other than that I haven't had any achey feelings.  I'm definitely still tired ALL the time too.  Very low energy level.  I hear that tapers off during the 2nd trimester so maybe in a few weeks I'll be back to my 'normal' self.    :)