September 11, 2010

September 6-10

8 Weeks!

Symptoms so far - exhaustion, frequenting the bathroom, craving salty - new one - major food aversions.  Seriously, I can just look at food and I feel like I'm going to be sick.  Sometimes I can just think about it and feel sick. 
The major one is chicken.  The thought of it, the smell of it, a picture of it, a commercial of it - oh. my. gosh.  YUCK!  I can't stand it.  In any way, shape or form - nuggets, breasts, fried, nope.  Yuck.  Double Yuck.  String cheese - ugh.  I just ate some the other day but the one that's left in my fridge still is making my stomach turn.  Red sauce of any type, can't do it.  We had some friends over for dinner yesterday and I made this 'inside out lasagna bake' thing that I normally really like.  I took one bite and didn't touch the rest.  My friends looked at me and said, "Are you okay?"  I said, "Yea, I just don't like it, sorry guys."  They assured me that it tasted amazing and it was just my pregnancy taste buds kicking in.  I believed them too because they all had more than one helping!  At least they liked it I guess!  I ate the garlic bread and had some cereal later on.  I can't do pizza either -just the thought of it, ick. 
I feel so irrational.  I can't believe that just thinking about food or seeing it makes me want to loose my stomach contents!  (Which I still haven't done yet, thank you Jesus!)  I mean, we walk through the grocery store and I have to be careful what I look at, so I don't get nauseated.  Which I do get - a lot lately.  Lots of nausia, but never actually throwing up, which is good.  I just have to try and make myself eat every 2 hours or so.  Which is really hard when nothing looks or sounds good.  I feel like I'm eating all day long, that's all I ever do.  Wake up, eat, shower, eat, teach, eat, teach, eat, plan, eat, teach, eat, drive home, eat, watch tv, eat, go to bed.  Seriously. 
Another 'symptom' I've noticed is growth.  My pants are getting tight lately - and I can tell it's not from all the eating because my stomach is hard down there. :)  I'm... ahem, growing in other places too.  I'm gonna need to get some new clothes soon.  I can't believe I need to get new clothes and I'm only in my 8th week!  I've read about people starting to show and stuff as early as 6 weeks - everyone's different I guess. 
So that's about it for my 8th week.  I'll be 9 on Monday, I'll be back on to journal how week 9 turns out!