September 06, 2010

August 14

There's a huge consignment sale at a church down the road today.  I headed down there just to look around.  My friend told me they had a bunch of good stuff for really cheap so I thought I'd wander down there while Bill was at work.  I found a Pottery Barn boppy pillow for only $9 that was in awesome shape and came with a good cover for it - so I grabbed that up (they're $30-40 in the store).

Then I spotted a car seat for only $35.  It was in great shape and it came with two bases.  I called A and had her look it up online to make sure it wasn't expired yet, sure enough, it still has at least 3 years on it.  The thing is in great shape, it's a name brand and it's only $35!  Plus it had paperwork assuring me it had never been in an accident and it only had one previous owner.  I called Bill. 
"So I'm at this consignment sale and I found a car seat for $35"
"Is that a good price?"
"Yea, it's an awesome price, bases alone can be that much and this one is the seat and two bases.  It's probably worth over $100.  Do you think I should buy it?"
"Wow, I don't know. Yea, I guess so."
"I know, right?  It just seems so early to be buying stuff like this!"
"Yea, but where else are you going to find it that cheap?"
"True.  Okay, I'll get it, are you sure?"
"Yea honey, go for it.  I'm excited to see it when I get home."

So I bought a car seat and a boppy pillow for just under $50!  Not too bad.  I head to A's to show her my loot. :)  She's excited and approves of course.  I went in to hang out a bit and we start talking about consignment.  There's a store down in the university area I heard was having a sale, so we gave them a call to see if they have anything good.  I was looking for a pack-n-play to keep at our house, not just for our little one but for when we have friends over with babies.  Turns out they have one, and everything in the store is 60% off.
So the two of us head down there with a sleepy toddler in tow.  We get there and it's this Eddie Bauer pack-n-play with all the bells & whistles.  A bassinet insert, a changing table insert, a pocket on the side for diapers, a tray for supplies, a mobile, little shades that roll down over the mesh sides - it even has a dust ruffle!  And the best thing - it's only $29!  SOLD!

And then there was this...

I sort of fell in love... but felt so crazy at the same time for even thinking about getting it this early in the stage!  But when I saw the price... man, the crazy kinda went away and I called Bill again.  I told him all about it - that it was solid wood, a 3 way convertable (crib, toddler bed, full size bed), came with the mattress and everything.  What did he say?  "Man, honey, I wish I could be the one there with you doing all this shopping."  Isn't he the sweetest ever?  I replied that it wasn't intentional by any means, we'd just stumbled upon it.  I definitely didn't plan on buying anything at all today, I was just out to look around.  But I knew there was no way on earth I would find a crib this quality for only $79!  So we got it!  When I got home, I looked up the original price online - $400.  Seriously.  AND that isn't including the mattress - which was $70 on it's own!  I was so excited for the awesome deal!
So on this lazy Saturday I ended up buying a lot of our 'major' baby purchases and all for under $200!  Crazy.  I can't believe we have all this stuff already, and I can't believe how much money I didn't have to spend for it!  Thank you Jesus for small... and LARGE blessings! :)