May 17, 2010

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

Feeling guilty for lounging the day away on the couch Saturday?  Feeling embarrassed that your husband got up, got a drink and came back and you were sleeping so soundly you didn't even feel him get up?  Well, if so, this is a good place to let it out!  Hop on over to McMama's site and share your confessions of things you HAVEN'T done.  :)

I definitely did NOT sleep for 2 hours on the couch Saturday afternoon while my husband watched 2 DVR'd episodes of Law&Order and started a movie.  I would never waste valuable weekend time like that!

I would definitely be most careful while shooting an engagement session and would never sit on a fire ant hill.  I always look where I step/crouch/sit before framing that perfect shot!  I certainly did not stand up to find my entire ankle and foot COVERED in red ants.  And don't worry.  It didn't sting a bit.

I would never, ever turn circles in the kitchen looking for my keys in a freak panic when I hear rain come POURING from the heavens saying, "Honey, where are my keys, my windows are down, I'm not good at panicking!!!" To which he would not reply, "Actually, I'd say you're very good at panicking."

So what did you NOT do this week?  C'mon, fess up, it's fun! :)