May 04, 2010


Lately in our world:
We had a family of 4 move in with us while they're back from the mission field in Thailand.

I've started taking portraits to earn money for Ghana - and LOVE it.

Bought a new camera... and LOVE it.
Named my camera Sam. I don't know why.

Had a great girls night with some friends and got an itch to go to Africa AGAIN next summer...
Have been thinking about alternate forms of income...
Have been loving the 80-90 degree days and Carolina sunshine.

Have not been posting regularly. Ooops.
Had a photo shoot with a really awesome professional photog and even better friend. :)

The family of 4 left for 2-3 weeks of travel. I miss them.
Had a garage sale and raised over $600 for said family of missionaries.
Have been training up a couple to be leaders in our church.
Spent time with my favorite 14month old last weekend.

Found a new baby to sit for down the road.
Thinking about/discussing having a baby of our own one day.
Went scouting for photo locations with a good friend - SO much fun.

Ran out of propane on our grill. :(
Tried a new chicken/rice soup recipe - LOVE it.
Went to PF Chang's for the first time - YUM.
Wrote this blog for you to catch up with us. :)
The End.