March 30, 2010

In My Head

I need new pants.   My nose is cold.  I need to go to Target tomorrow before my coupons expire.  I should have got that chicken from Teeter.  I'm so excited for Ghana.  I need to mail my passport stuff tomorrow.  I'm glad this month's payday falls on a Wednesday.   What fragrance does J like?  Where can I get some cool toys for little boys?  I need to finish my painting.  I need to get paint for the bathroom wall.  I need to get started painting the bathroom wall.  Should I try to tackle the wallpaper in the bedroom?  I think I'll do it spring break.  I bet Amy would help.  This show's hilarious.  I need to fix the grass, I hate weeds.  Why can't I stop thinking about our impending house guests?  I hope I do things right to make them feel at home.  I'm so excited to see them, hear their story, spend time with them, be hospitable to them.  Pastor Troy cracks me up.  "Couponing for Liberty Offering."  He's a genius.  I should get started putting that stuff together.  When am I gonna do it?  Will people come?  Be excited?  Actually do it?  We're gonna kick butt in that offering this year.  I need to pray about that.  I need to read my Bible.  Oh, I still need to type up the questions for Life Group.  Looking forward to hanging with T tomorrow.  I won't let her become what P became - a disappointment.  I love my kitties.  They make me smile.  When are we going to get pregnant?  We thought we had it planned out.  Should we go early or late?  What am I doing Friday?  I love watching J on Sundays.  He's probably my favorite.  I'm so glad we've gotten closer with A & R, I hope we get closer, they're such good people.  It's crazy how much we have in common.  Bill says I should get a DSLR for my birthday.  I don't think he knows how much they cost.  Crazy boy, so good to me.  So selfless.  The best husband ever. Ohmygosh, I had so much fun photographing that family on Saturday.  I'm really pleased with the pictures.  The sun was a little bright and my camera didn't compensate the way I wished it could, but they turned out pretty good nonetheless.  Bill said if photography could pay as much as teaching he'd be behind me all the way.  Man I love him.  So sweet.  Always thinking of me.  Oh man, this part is SO funny.  HA!  

Okay, I'm gonna go and finish watching the office. Please return all tray-tables and chair backs to their full and upright position and enjoy your descent back to earth, thank you for visiting my brain today.     :)