March 19, 2010

Sweet Dreams Are Made of These...

Who am I to disagree? ... how many of you remember that oldie? Ha ha!
In all seriousness, I had a dream a couple days ago - and it truly was sweet - and I certainly can't disagree because I know it was God speaking to me through that dream.

The perspective: I was me (I wasn't floating and seeing everything from 3rd person).
The Dream: All I could see were my feet in the sand and then I saw little black feet run up to me and so I knelt down and know I was seeing the top of my left knee and my right foot in the sand. The little black feet were running around me, there were two pairs of them. Then little black hands on my knee and climbing on me. I couldn't see any faces, I remember really focusing on the hands and feet. Then I felt arms go around my neck and we were all laughing and having fun and just loving on each other.
What the dream means: Sunday night we had some friends over for dinner (husband, wife, 2 'tweenage' kids), just for fun. While we were eating the husband mentioned he'd be going on a mission trip in July. In the past, we'd told the family to let us know if they were going to go on any (they go at least once a year) because we love missions (and always have), so we were excited to hear about this trip. We knew right away Bill wouldn't be able to go, because his company blacks out the first week in July - no one can take it off for any reason. But I was definitely interested and wanted to go. As we were saying goodbye, I told the family that I'd pray about it, because I didn't just want to go on the trip because I wanted to go. If I went on the trip I wanted it to be because God wanted me to go. Then Bill said, "I think you're gonna go." Then the husband said, "Yea, I think so too," and he got goosebumps. That night while I was laying in bed I prayed for clarity and wisdom. I prayed for God to clearly show me if he wanted me to go on this trip or not. Monday, I couldn't stop thinking about it. I kept going back and forth in my head with my decision. Monday night, I prayed again for a clear sign on whether or not I should go. When I woke up in the morning, I had the clearest recollection of the dream. It was such a beautiful, sweet dream, and I knew, I just knew that God was speaking to me. Telling me to step out, to be His hands and feet and that He would meet me there.

So that's it. I'm going to Ghana, Africa. And I couldn't be more excited or happy to be in the will of God!

Stay tuned for details about my trip!!