April 07, 2010

Watch out, I'm on Break!!

This spring break I have found a renewed energy.  I don't know if it's the AMAZING weather we've been having (85-90*).  It could be the fact that I'm uber-excited that our missionary friends are coming home from Thailand in just a few short days.  It could be that I'm only 3 months away from Ghana.  It may also be the mindset of not having to teach this week. 
So all that said, I've gotten a LOT accomplished this week - and it's only Wednesday!
Monday was my "Get Ready for Ghana" day.  I printed off my support letters (stay tuned, I'll post it here in a couple days!), I got out my envelopes and stuffed them, I mowed the back yard, spread insect control over the entire yard, swept the garage and driveway out, picked up and vacuumed the entire house and went and got most of my vaccines for Ghana.  Then hubby got home from work so we had some dinner and spent the rest of the evening playing Super Mario Wii :)
Tuesday I finished up stuffing and addressing the support letters, ran to the post office to mail out my passport renewal stuff, stopped at Bloom and got some SUPER deals on meat and a couple other odds and ends, headed to target to get lots of good deals on all the personal care stuff for our friends coming into town, stopped at Lowes for some paint and then came home.  First on the list was to finish my canvas painting.  It was like this:
And then I finished it and it looks like this:
So that was painting project number one.  Project #2 was in the 2nd bathroom upstairs.  So here's how it conspired... there was this towel rack above the toilet, but we needed more 'storage' area, so we bought this cute shelf/towel rack combo to go there instead.  Well, the construction crew apparently thought that the towel rack was meant to hold up three grown men because that thing was anchored into the wall like mad and left two HUGE holes on either side where it was mounted.  So I puttied them and filled them in, but we have textured walls, so it didn't look amazing.  So I grabbed the paint from the stuff the builders left in the house, and matched the lid to the wall and painted it.  Then. It. Dried.  And it was darker than the rest of the wall!  You can tell what I'm talking about here:

So I was brainstorming with some friends an easy solution.  Can't hang something over it - that'd look funny.  REALLY don't wanna paint the whole wall over again because A) I like the color in there right now, and B) I'd have to paint the entire bathroom because it'd look funny with an 'accent' wall painted a different color.  So we decided on this, what do ya think?

So that was my Tuesday.. the bathroom took a little longer than expected, but I did stop for dinner and took frequent 'breather' breaks - it was over 90* yesterday and we haven't turned our air on yet... and that bathroom is upstairs, so it was really, really, warm out there.  I was actually painting with the lights off as long as I could, til it got dark outside. :)

So it's Wednesday, we're 1/2 way through my Spring Break and I feel so, so accomplished already.  Today's theme, "Yard Sale Day."  We're having a yard sale to benefit our missionary friends coming home.  I spread the word on facebook and to our two life groups and we've got LOTS of donations!  We're really believing to see some BIG results from this sale!  I'll come back around Friday and we'll see if the productivity continues. :)  Till then, buh-bye!