November 21, 2013

A Quick {possibly scary} Glimpse into my Head

Thoughts on weather:
"Is that thunder?  It is!  This better be legit." hour later
"It's raining! Come on, turn the power back on, it's raining!"
... 5 seconds later
"5 raindrops.  Seriously!?"

"Holy hot batman."

"I'm sweating in places I didn't know could sweat."

"Must remember to take deodorant to school to keep in my desk."

"Today is definitely a skirt day.  More breeze flows that way."

Thoughts on power:
"So there's no power all night, which means we will have power all day, when we're at school.  But at school there's no power all day, just at night when we're not there.  Perfect."
... after a conversation with a local
"And this is happening until it rains?  Because the power from the city is based on the rivers flowing. PLEASE MAKE IT RAIN JESUS.  That's all."

"Aw! What, it's only 9:00!  We're supposed to have power until 10!"
... a few seconds later, power comes back on.
"Ah-ha!  They must have realized they turned it off early."

"Please Jesus turn the power on.  Please.  This fan keeps me from hearing the dogs and the roosters at all hours of the night and also keeps me from melting.  Power.  Please.  Power."

Thoughts on Every Day Life (dirt and bugs and stuff)
"Wow, my feet are really tan - oh, nope, never mind, that's dirt."

"If I keep my nails painted it hides the dirt underneath them, nice."

"Could that ant BE any bigger?  Holy moly.  It's the size of a match!"

"What was that?  I saw something move over there on the wall.  I'll say it was a gecko.  Yup.  Must have been a gecko.  They're so cute.  I'll keep telling myself it was a gecko."

"Was that Owen?  Or one of those annoying birds that sounds like a baby crying?"

"Good thing I sifted this flower, woulda had some extra protein in our pancakes."

"Pretty sure I just ate some sand in that rice.  Yum."

Thoughts on Driving
"Sure, go ahead and pass me on the right even though I'm clearly turning right - that makes complete sense."

"Seriously?  SERIOUSLY?!?!"

"Hey!  This is a two lane road, not three, and also not four!"

"Clearly I was about to turn, is there a reason you think you could go ahead and pull up next to me and take my turn when traffic cleared instead of just waiting in line behind me?"

"Quick! Roll up the windows a car just drove by and we'll all die of dust asphyxiation if we don't!"

Thoughts on Shopping
"Yes! They have _______ in stock again, I better get some cause who knows if they'll have them back again."

"Seriously, they have zero chocolate in the store.  Zero?!"

"Excuse me, where is the ______?  It was right here last week?  Oh.  It's 'finished?'  Like out of stock or like you don't sell it anymore? Oh.  Finished.  That clears things up."

I love Africa.  No really, I do.  But sometimes I just have to laugh at the fact that This Is (indeed) Africa. (  #TIA ) And we live here.   {love}