November 01, 2013

A {somewhat} Typical Day in the Life of Me

6:15 Alarm goes off.  Snooze button is pressed.
Repeat two times.
6:30 Pitter patter, pitter patter, "Sun come up? I lay in mamapapas bed?" "Yeah baby, come on."
6:50 Conclude snuggle time with the little bear in bed with his Bible for kids app on my phone.
6:55 Get up to get ready for the day, Bill has already prepared breakfast (he's amazing) today it was pancake leftovers.
7:35 On the road, with my copilot in the back seat, to pick up the other teachers for school.
"Miss Ho-yee sit here, Miss Becky sit here, Miss Megan sit here, cause there's no more room back here."

8:00 Arrive at school, Owen scampers off to play and I head into my room to finish my breakfast and get ready for the day.
Teach Language Arts
10:00 Break/Snack time.  I grab my ugi and banana and go visit my little bear who's having his snack on the picnic table outside of his classroom.  "I having a good day mama."
Teach Mat & Science.
11:55 "Mama I need a kiss & hug" I hear from my classroom doorway as I wrap up my science lesson. He tells me good bye then runs to the school bus (actually a van) to go home with papa.
12:00  Lunch time, but today is a half day so the kids go home and the teachers have a quiet and peaceful lunch outside.
1:30 Time for some tea, listening to Dirty Dancing/Footloose soundtracks while I prepare for quarterly conferences on Monday.
2:00 Progress reports are done, so I make myself comfy in Holly's room and we chat for a bit.
3:15 Close enough to 3:30, so I catch a ride home with the admins and get home almost a half hour early, so thankful for that.
3:45 "Mama!!!" Bear is always so excited when I get home.  I hate that I have to be away from him so much now, but I do love the way he greets me when I get home. :)
4:00 I start preparing dinner, tonight is pizza night so I'm preparing the dough.  Marta (our house mama) notices what I'm doing and asks to help.  She makes one and I make one.  Then she finishes mine because it wasn't that good.  Love it.
4:10 Hop in the shower - pointless to shower in the mornings here, because you get dirty as soon as you step outside into the dust.  Night showers are more rewarding because you stay cleaner longer :)
4:30 Skype date with O's Nina.  He was so excited to talk, but not feeling well so he ends up watching Curious George while her & I catch up.
5:00 Time to finish up dinner, press out the dough, saute some peppers/onions and check on the bear.  He says he doesn't feel good and asks me to pray for him, so I do, and he proceeds to curl up on the couch with puppy and paci.  It's legit.  He doesn't feel good.
5:45 Dinner is finished and O comes out to the kitchen.
"Mama, what you doing?"
"Just relaxing little bear."
"Dinner, done?"
"Will you cuddle me?"
"Of course little bear!"
I go lay on the couch while he gets puppy and paci, leaving space for him on the edge.  He comes up to me and lays right on top of me, like when he was a baby.  He could ask me to buy him a pony right now and I'd say yes.  But he's feeling hot and I feel bad for the little bear.
6:00 Our dinner guests arrive and he perks up for a minute.  We welcome them and get dinner on the table, and bear meanders to the couch and asks for covers.
6:30 We notice Owen has fallen asleep, but dinner has been great and the conversation even greater. (another blog on that later)
7:30 We get bear to move him to his bed and he breaks down, so we let him sleep in our bed.
It's time for dessert so we break out the ice cream our guests brought and enjoy the creamy deliciousness.  Small talk a little more, before saying goodbye.  One of our guests has been having a horrible allergy attack and can barely keep her eyes open.  I feel so bad for her, so we pray healing and proclaim it, and send them on their way home.
8:00 We pop in The Office DVD and relax for a bit, planning our weekend and next week.  There are some really big, really God-things on the horizon.  It's hard to hold them in, but now's not the time to let them out.  So, until it's time - I thought I'd give you a {somewhat} typical day in the life of Me.