November 12, 2013

My New Friend Co-yin. (colin)

I like the playground.  It's big.
There are SO many lots of kids there.  Kids running.  Kids sliding.  Kids swinging.  Kids climbing.
First I tried to walk to the little slide but there were so many kids.  I was scared.

They all like to touch my hair and my cheeks.  I made it to the big slide and there were so many kids.  I didn't want to go down so I stayed at the top with Papa.
Then I tried to get to the little slide again.  There was a stage there.  I like to jump on the stage.  I got used to the kids and I made some new friends. All the kids like me.  I don't know why they like to touch my hair and cheeks all the time.  Sometimes that bothers me, but Momma said it's cause they want to be my friend, and that if I don't want them to touch me I can just say 'no thank you'.  Once I got used to all the very many kids I had a lot of fun.

My best new friend from the playground is Colin.  He was very nice to me and I liked to follow him around.  There were so many kids there but I learned how to look for Colin and find him.  He's the only one I would let hold me and touch me.  I want to go see him again soon.  He's my new friend.  My new friend Colin at the playground.