April 17, 2012


I remember last Easter very vividly.  I was a house.  My mom was herewith the expectation of meeting her grandson.  And I was still a house.  So we got to spend Easter together. We went to an awesome service at Freedom House, then came home and ate an amazing dinner sent to us by my Grandpa & his wife from Honeybaked Ham.  It was delish.  And I was huge.
There.  There's proof.  And that was a few days before Easter.  Holy. House. Batman.

Anyway, this Easter was our little bear's first one and he was pretty excited to walk into Kids Church surrounded by bubbles!


After having fun in Kids Church, we headed out to the petting zoo (FHC never does 'ordinary' on Easter!), where he met Hershey the lamb.  He thought he was pretty cool, and even tried to nuzzle him like he does Oliver :)

Then he got to see some baby chicks and ducks up close, he thought those were cool too, but not as cool as Hershey.

He also got to pet a huge bunny rabbit, but wasn't as impressed with that... considering our cat was almost the same size as the bunny, I wasn't surprised. :)
We stopped at the 'photobooth' on our way out for a quick family photo!
After church (and his nap) we headed to the park and Owen had SO much fun playing!!



It amazes me how much he is growing and developing every day... he now has several 'words' in his vocabulary, waves 'hello' and 'goodbye', gives high-fives, fist-bumps, shakes his head 'no', signs for 'more' when he's hungry, cruises all over via crawling and is getting very fast at walking with assistance of the furniture/push toys, and he's been practicing standing up solo! I can't believe his first birthday is just around the corner... our little bear is growing up!