April 28, 2012

8:22pm, April 27th, 2012

At 8:22pm, April 27th 2011, Owen Jeremiah came into this world.

At 8:22pm, April 27th, 2012, Owen, Bill & I stood together in the auditorium of our brand new church building worshiping the amazing God we serve along with our Freedom House family, for the first time. 

And this was the song we were singing at 8:22pm.

I couldn't believe how appropriate it was.  For the story of his conception.  The story of his birth.  And the story of our new building finally being open, and the three of us standing in it worshiping together.  I kind of lost it and was crying a lot.  But it was a good, sweet, happy cry. 

I am beyond blessed with this life God has blessed me with.  The people he's put in our path and the church family he's given us, not to mention our perfect little family. 
I'm positive I won't make it through tomorrow's first church service in our new building without tearing up... now where'd I put my pack of travel kleenex.....