February 02, 2011


Cheese.  Glorious cheese.  Not the real stuff.  I'm talking about the stuff that probably came out of a can.  They stuff they put on those yummy fries at Steak N Shake... the stuff they put over the nachos at Taco Bell.  Yes.  That is my latest pregnancy craving.
Oh. Plus M&Ms.  But never together.

Loving the new routine after school - SWIMming.  It's feels SO good to get in the water and float and be buoyant after feeling so big and heavy all day long on my feet.  I take 2-6 laps in the lap pool (usually on my back) before heading to the smaller, 88* pool for some walking lunges and warming up after the 77* lap pool.  Oh it feels glorious.  I feel so relaxed after I walk outta there. 

I looked in the mirror today.  In the locker room.  Sans-shirt.  Holy. Submarine. 

I love our baby's name.  I love talking about him with my husband.  I love it when he's got his hand on my belly and the baby kicks or rolls and he can feel it. 

I lost a pound since my last 4 week check up.  That made me feel good.  Not that I was trying to loose weight, because I wasn't, but it made me feel like less of a submarine.  And the Dr. said it was okay.  But to beware because I will gain a lot in the 3rd trimester.  YAY.

I'm so thankful I have an Awesome, caring, loving God on my side.  10% of the population in our school has been out due to illness, with over a dozen confirmed cases of the flu.  (6 kids in my room out Monday, 3 on Tuesday, 4 today).  Not me.  I'm 100% healthy and will stay that way.  And I thank God for that every day.

I need to go get some canvases so I can start the artwork for baby's room.  I need to figure out how I'm going to display his name.  Wood letters?  Painted on canvas?  Something 3-d and funky?  Hmmm.

Hubby's watching Rambo.  This is SUCH a man movie.

Africa on the brain a lot lately.  Wondering when we will go again.  Wondering when we'll feel ready to take baby with us. 

Thankful that God's not only got my health in his hands, but our well-being too.  Don't have a clue what I'm going to do for work in the fall... but I'm 99% sure it won't be teaching.  I do need a job.  Don't have a clue what it will be.  Do know that God will provide.  I have peace about that.  For the most part. 

I need to find a pediatrician.  One that will not be pushy or judgmental when we decide to delay/skip some vaccines.  And one that's amazing with kids.  Duh.

I should stop, the unrelated thoughts in my brain are gathering momentum and I could be here for hours writing things and then you would think I seriously have ADD.  Which might be the case.  Or not.  Probably not.  Ooooo, that commercial is pretty.  Just kidding.  You thought I had ADD didn't you?  I don't.

The End.