December 15, 2010

Setting Down UP with Baby Boy

We found out last Monday that we'll be welcoming a precious little BOY into the world in April!
We're very excited that our first baby will be a boy - though we'd be happy either way, there's just something about knowing our boy will be a 'big brother' some day.
When we announced the gender to our friends and family Monday afternoon, this was one of the many messages I received: 

"Yay! For a nephew, the little champ is already very blessed. Watch out champ, theres an uncle in Africa that can't wait to meet you!"

(And may I add, the only one that made me tear up a bit!)

It got me thinking about the time when we found out we were pregnant, right after I had returned from Africa.
I thought about how when I read those little lines on that stick, my first reaction wasn't that we were 'settling down.'  My first thought wasn't about what school our little one would go to, or what his first pet would be.  My first thought was about how amazing it would be to take our little man out on the mission field with us.

That's right, we have no plans of "settling down".  We know that God has called us to become missionaries and travel this globe in His name, and that means raising our kids at the same time.  We aren't going to wait until they're grown and off to college or life.  We're 'settling up' - keeping our eyes UP to the Creator who promises to take care of us and bless us and keep us when we follow Him.  And that's just what we plan on doing - following Him and the call He has given us. 

I'm not saying we're up and leaving anytime soon, but I am saying that when we get the call from God, we'll obey.  That may mean taking our little boy with us, or that may mean leaving him with a trusted friend for a few days.  I do know that our little boy's passport will be ready and waiting for when the call comes, though, and I know I can't wait to take him to meet his Ghanaian relatives!  I am so excited to see his face at his first taste of atoto and fresh coconut.

I can't wait to see him playing with all the kids at The Father's House, and I'm excited sling him on my back as we walk around the village.

Our little boy is going to be an amazing man of God, and we're so excited to raise him UP, rather than settling down.