December 15, 2010

Our Master Plan...

... has failed miserably.

The Plan being: lets try buying a real tree this year, maybe then the cat (Oliver) won't climb in it & eat the needles because it will be all prickly and pokey.

So we went hunting for a tree and found a lovely Douglas Fir that was grown right here in NC and just cut down on Sunday.   The kind gentleman was even willing to negotiate the price on because he was so kind and in the Christmas spirit trying to get rid of his stock because it's only 10 days til Christmas.  
So we brought it home, and put it up and.  Well.  I'll let the pictures do the talking. 

So now we have TWO kitties that are extremely interested in this tree.  Licking it.  Biting it.  Finding spaces to climb it. And running ninety miles around the bottom of it chasing each other and spinning the tree skirt around wildly until it's all crumpled up.

So much for a Master Plan.