October 16, 2010

Spreading the word!

We had a blast in Phoenix a couple of weeks ago, and I've finally gotten around to going through the photos I took while we were there!  We had a good time exploring the back country a little bit.  It was a very bumpy ride over a very scary road on the edge of the mountain...

 (that line cutting across the mountain is the tiny dirt road we were on!)

...but the trip was worth it when we came to this:
 This stream/waterfall was so beautiful!  The water was perfectly clear with a blue/green tint to it - amazing!  I didn't alter the color on these photos at all - it was just that beautiful!

The next day we headed down to Mexico for lunch... it was yummy!

 We even had our own, fresh made salsa!!
 We had a good time in Phoenix, telling Mom & Jeff the news, then enjoying our time relaxing and exploring.  We were sad to leave vacation and mom & Jeff behind, but happy to get back to home sweet home again. :)
One last parting photo as the moon rose over the backyard...

 There are lots more beautiful scenic photos on my photography blog - and if you purchase them it goes straight to missions! :)  Check 'em out on the prints page!