August 05, 2010

Africa, Day 9

We landed safely in Atlanta about 30 hours after starting our trek from David & Celestine's home in Keta, Ghana.  Ahhh, to be on American soil.  I wasn't exactly ecstatic, but it was nice to smell the fresh clean air again.  We changed clothes and freshened up a bit before arriving at our gate just in time for boarding to begin.  Jake & I were separated from Matt on this flight, but it was a God thing (of course).  Jake & I had a chance to talk about the trip now that we were both more awake and alert.  We talked about some fun times and what we got out of the trip before we both fell asleep for what must have been only ten or fifteen minutes.  After the pilot came on and told us we were descending, Jake & I prayed together and got ready to get off the plane in Charlotte. 
Once we were all of the plane the three of us huddled up at an empty gate to pray, then we headed downstairs to our families.  It was great to see them, but bittersweet, knowing our journey together was all the way over.  We grabbed our bags and then everyone got together in a circle to pray before saying our good-byes and going our separate ways.