August 06, 2010

America, Day 2


This morning has been easier than yesterday.  No tears yet, but a big part of me still feels numb.  I sing the Ewe songs in my head over and over again.  I'm always conscious of what time it it in Ghana and what the family might be doing.  I look forward to editing my photos because it takes me back there.
I had a good chat with Tammy today, it's so nice to have someone like her that knows exactly what I'm going through.  It's definitely a spiritual attack and it's definitely hard.  Of course Satan is going to attack me, my marriage, my thoughts - I just did amazing work for the Kingdom of God and I have huge aspirations of how my life in America will change - it only makes sense that Satan would try to take that away from me.  But I' not going to let him. 

Went to Kids Kamp tonight. 

I put on a happy face and did what I was there to do, but I still felt numb most of the time.  There are times it just hits me and I'm overwhelmed with emotions.  There are times I'm numb to it all and there are times I feel 'okay'. 
I just hate knowing that Satan is after me and my marriage.  It makes me mad.  I'm so exhausted anyway, I don't want to waste the energy I do have fighting off Satan.  But I will.  And God is there on my side so I WILL win the fight and Satan will loose miserably.