July 19, 2010

Africa Day 1, Part 2


We went to The Father's House for the first time today.  We drove on a sand path through a village composed of brick homes, thatched roofs and many smiling children.  This is the Tegbi area and it is one of the poorest areas in our region.
  It's the rainy season right now, so many low areas are flooding.  The road leads us over a narrow strip of land that is flanked by two flooded areas.  Coconut trees surround us & we can feel the cool breeze coming off the ocean and swirling around through the open windows of the car. 
As we continue on the bumpy path we hear, "Afo Junior! Yavu, yavu!"  Voices of the children so excited to see Jeremiah and the white people coming to play. 

On the horizon a large fishing boat rests in the sand, worn, beaten & sanded down by the salty ocean water. 
As we near The Father's House a string of children has formed at the rear of our car - eager to get on the property and play some football. 
As we walk through the building I can see it transform into an orphanage.  I can see the little children playing, learning & worshiping in a carefree environment.  I can hear giggles & squeals of delight.
 As I stand on the 2nd floor, looking at the waves crashing on the beach, I can't help but think of His majesty and greatness.  The ocean breeze swirls & twirls around me, whisking my hair off my face and taking the humidity away.
I think of how God miraculously put this property in our hands.  How He's made way for the building to be built.  How he's placed all the children of this poor village here to be fed by Father's House.  What better a place for a healing home for children than here on this beach.  Where they can gaze upon the vastness of the ocean and remember that God loves them more than that.  Where they can rest in the sand and know that God has everything taken care of.
I am in love with this place.