June 14, 2010

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

Feeling guilty for taking a two hour nap in the middle of day?  Embarrased  by the inch of dust laying on your dresser?  Confess it all here in the Not Me Monday community created by MckMama!

I most definitely didn't choose to close the doors and ignore the two rooms we had houseguests in for a month!  And even if I did do that, it wouldn't have stayed like that for two weeks after they left.   I'm a great housekeeper, I always have a tidy, clean, put together home and would NOT simply close the door on the cleaning project... and not for two weeks! 

I would never get into an argument with my husband.  Especially not over mulch in our front yard.  That's ridiculous.  And I would certainly not kiss and make up with him 7 hours later. 

I would not admit to the stripe of sweat discovered on my camisole under my dress on a hot summer day.  I wouldn't ever lift up the edge of my skirt in the car to get the AC flowing either.  That's not lady-like at all, and I'm too classy for that.

I most certainly would not take a 2.5 hour nap on a Sunday afternoon.  Wake up to a thunderstorm and then fall back asleep until 6:00pm.  That's crazy.  A waste of time.  I could be doing something and I would never waste my day away like that.

I would not drive 25mph in a 45mph zone just to save the 30" dragonfly cake I created that was in the back seat.  I wouldn't leave the AC on MAX just in hopes of it not melting before we got to the party.  I'm more reasonable than that!