June 27, 2010

-39, -23, -10, +11, +21

Thinking about the numbers today.

39 days ago 11 year old Christian was taken from The Father's House in Ghana.  His 'uncle' came to take him and put him to work on the lake. 
This is what his day may look like:

23 days ago the Garretts and the Millers met with Pam & Randy Cope, founders of the Touch A Life Foundation.  The Father's House commited to adopting 8 boys, aged 5-7 this September.  These will be the first children living full time at Father's Hosue.  We will be responsible for their care and livelihood until they are grown and educated,  to make it on their own.

10 days ago 19 year old Ghanian Jeremiah Banini set off toward Lake Volta to witness the child slavery first hand.  With God's wisdom and protection and provision he found Christian.  Out of hundreds of children on the huge lake.  He. Found. Christian.  And he brought him back to Father's House to go back to school! (I hope to share Jeremiah's first-hand account of this soon, stay tuned!)

11 days from now I'll be in Ghana, meeting a 19 year old that traveled for hours upon hours in less than desirable conditions to rescue one lost friend.  A 19 year old that stood in the authority of his Creator and returned God's child to the life he was meant to have.  I'll be meeting an 11 year old boy that was taken from his safe place, his refuge. An 11 year old that knew God's voice when He said someone would come for him.  An 11 year old that is able to run free and play football with his friends again. 

21 days from now I'll be back on US soil.  Planning our next trip to Africa.