December 02, 2014

And So It Begins

The nausea.

November 3, 2014

I remember it clearly with Owen too - I never actually tossed my cookies, but man OH man was I ever nauseated by any-, and nearly everything.  I remember walking down the food aisles at Target and getting sick to my stomach, literally having to turn my eyes away from the boxes of food.  It's not even like it was raw meat or sushi or something - I'm talking boxes of Mac & Cheese, cans of soup.  Just looking at them make me indescribably nauseated.

And now it begins with this one.
 I think, I'm pretty sure, it's directly linked with the prenatal vitamins and/or the progesterone I'm taking.  I remember the prenatals making me sick with O too, so I stopped taking them and just took a regular daily vitamin (without iron) and it helped a bit.

I'm not feeling like it's the best time to stop the prenatals yet though, so until we get the results back from the blood test, on I go sniffing my bottle of peppermint essential oil as if it's crack and I'm an addict.
I never let it leave my side.
I wonder what my kids and assistant thought when they saw me whiffing at the bottle today.

The thing about this nausea is, it seems to be held off as long as I keep my tummy full.  The problem is: keeping it full.  Last week, less than a week ago actually, I ate half a bag of Cheetos (yup, not even kidding).  Yesterday I looked at the bag and almost got sick.  Last week I was eating 2 eggs and a piece of toast every morning for breakfast.  Today, I literally had to sit down and breathe deeply, inhale the peppermint and focus on not throwing up just by looking at them sitting (cooked) in the pan.

The good news is, oh the glorious good news - today I ate hardly anything.  I had half a home-made granola bar, two ginger snaps and 1/3 of a banana.  Lunch at school was choroko with rice - which I don't even like on a normal day - so I made up my mind that I was going to have tuna on crackers as soon as I got home.  I made the tuna and it smelled wonderful.  Got out the pickles - ohmygosh YES I had to have pickles.  Cut them up and tossed them in.  Then.  Oh. Then.  I had the genius idea - Tuna. Melt.
I slathered butter of the slices of white bread (so bad, I know, but I just can't handle the wheat right now!) put a slice in the pan over the flame, sliced some cheddar, topped it with the tuna and flipped it at the perfect time when the bread was perfectly golden and crispy.
And oh. my. goodness.
The first bite.  I was screaming inside - THIS IS THE BEST LUNCH I'VE EVER HAD EVER IN THE HISTORY OF LUNCHES.
Seriously, that's what was going through my mind.  Crazy?  Yup.  But when you've been hungry and nauseated and nothing sounds or looks good and you find something that hits the spot it's hard not to get excited about it.  Sheesh.  Just writing about it has me considering making another sandwich.

Don't judge.  I'm eating for two.    :)