October 20, 2014

Speaking of Babies...

Sometimes I just wanna throw myself on my bed and cry like one.  Like yesterday.  And yesterday I figured I would want to today as well, just knowing what was ahead.

Let's play the high-low game:

Low: Woke up to an extra-whiney 3 year old demanding that he was SO hungry, even though it was only 7am and he will wait until 10am every day of the week to eat his breakfast at school (don't ask why, we offer it to him at 7:15 every day and every day he chooses to take it to school in a container and eat it during the 10:00 snack time).
He became completely unappeasable and after several warnings to make better choices and change his attitude (and after having shouted "stupid, stupid stupid!!" at Bill) had to be locked out of our room so we could continue resting.  Though it wasn't really resting listening to him scream.
High: About 5 minutes later he realized his mistakes and came back in on his own accord extremely apologetic and asking for cuddles.  We cuddled for a good 20 minutes.
Low: When it was time to get ready for church he didn't want to wear the shoes we told him he could wear (the ones that didn't require our assistance) so he became argumentative again.
High: At church we all went to the nursery area (b/c Bill & I were serving there) and he played very nicely with all the little ones.
Low: After church we ran into town to hit the ATM and get some milk & eggs.  The ATM, for no apparent reason other than it was lunch time, ate my card.  Refused to do anything but take it and not give it back.  Being that it was a Sunday, I couldn't go into the bank and retrieve it.
High: Luckily we had just enough cash to grab some milk & eggs from the store, Owen got in the cart nicely while we did so.
Low: Half way through the store O asked to go upstairs on the ramp (so he could go down it fast in the cart)  I told him we didn't have time and we couldn't do that today.  Which enabled another whiney fit.
High: Nap time.  Everyone took a nap.  And it was glorious.  Hot.  But glorious.
Low: After waking up at 4pm he had obviously not slept long enough.  And he was angry about losing his privileges (like riding his bike, playing with his toys and watching shows).  He wouldn't leave us alone for three minutes to discuss dinner plans.  Which we didn't really have because we didn't have much in the house to cook with - Monday is grocery day.
High: We decided to splurge and go to a restaurant for dinner - with the caveat that he HAD to act nicely and not be argumentative or whiney.
Low: He refused to put shoes on by himself and was demanding he help him put his soccer shoes on.  He ended up wearing his rain boots to the restaurant.  He wouldn't get in the seat that Bill could reach in the car to buckle him in, so halfway down our dirt road I had to pull over and threaten him with walking home while I went by myself to the restaurant just to get him to move over into the correct seat and get buckled in.
High:  He did a great job at the restaurant, and ate all his dinner.
Low: I ordered a 'green baguette' which is an avo, tomato, spinach sandwich with cheese. (I've had it before and it's delish) Unfortunately they 'toasted' my baguette to an inedible hardness, likely as strong as the diamond in my wedding band.  So I had three slices of avo and some chips (fries) for dinner.
High: Bill's Tuna/Bacon skewers and Owen's chicken & chips were good. And our bill was just over $15.
Low: Bedtime was a struggle again and O ended up loosing most of his privileges for Monday as well.
High: My best friend texted with me for a minute just before I fell asleep.
High: There was iced coffee in the fridge for us this morning.
Low: I put way too much sugar in it.
High: There was iced coffee in my cup.
Low: We were supposed to be getting a new day guard/gardener today, but neither of us would be home to give instructions or anything, so I wasn't sure how it was going to work out.
High: The power was on at school so I was able to get things printed off and ready for the week.
Low: One of my coworkers lost one of my really good resource books and I really want it because it would go perfect with what I'm teaching right now.
High: I brought the last piece of apple bread that I made this weekend with me.  Ate it at 11 for a snack with my coffee.  Yum.
Low: Went to lunch a little late because I was finishing up some grading, only to find a solitary plate of food left (it's usually out in servers and you serve yourself) with a heaping 2 kilos of rice (that may be an exaggeration), a spoonful of beef soup and a spoonful of mashed potatoes. Guess I won't be late next time.
High: Talked to Ryan about getting new house help (the woman we had coming twice a week had to quit for medical reasons) and he has someone that's very good, and very trustworthy available two days a week.  ThankYouJesus - keeping house here is SO incredibly hard with all the dust and dirt, two days a week is a God-send and it's nice to help out a national with a job opportunity too.
High: Went to the bank to retrieve my ATM card and they gave it back in a matter of about 10 minutes.
Low: It wouldn't work in 2 of the ATM's I tried around town - though I think it was the ATM's not my card. Typical for Tanzanian ATMs.
High: The bread shoppe was open (when it's usually closed at lunch) so I could get one of my several errands out of the way real quick rather than doing a million after nap time.
Low: Got home to discover the power is off. Again.
High: Even without power my computer is (mostly) charged and I can get online to write away some of my stress.

I know that some of this stuff is like - oh well, who cares, I deal with cranky kid(s) every day!  But please know that for some reason, stuff here is just harder.  Being a full time missionary is like fasting your life.  You don't get your best friends right down the street or even a phone call away to help.  You don't have a Starbucks or a Target or a Dairy Queen to run away to and chill.  There's not delivery to call for a quick meal, and leftovers are rare because it's a pain to heat them in the oven or stove with no microwave.  I am NOT asking for pitty, by any means, I love my life and I love living in Tanzania, but sometimes... you just.  Have A. Day.  I think we can all agree to that! 

:)  Thanks for keeping up.  Kudos if you made it this far!