October 10, 2014

On Pregnancy

This is not, I repeat, this is NOT an announcement. 
Just so we're clear.

A good handful of the missionaries here have been 'drinking the water' and been with child lately.  Owen's friends Yael and Samuel have been away in Germany while their mom had a new baby brother, his friends Jillian & Acacia just left with their mom to go back to the states and have a new baby, and his good friend Promise will be leaving next week so her mom can give birth to her baby brother.  Naturally, this has been a topic of conversation lately.  And as usual, his conversations are quite interesting so I wanted to take a minute to record them for your viewing pleasure :)

About two weeks ago, while he was on the toilet. "Mama?  Do you have a baby in your beh-yee?"

No, honey.  Why?
"I just wanna know."
Okay... what made you think of that?
"God did."
Ummmm okaythen.

(This conversation happened between him and Bill, which Bill later recounted to me)
"Papa, you have a baby in your beh-yee?"
No, I can't have a baby in my belly.
"I have a baby in my beh-yee?!"
No buddy, you're a boy, you can't have a baby in your belly.
"But you're a grown-up so you CAN!"
But I'm a grown-up boy, so I can't.
(As Bill was recounting this story to me over dinner last night, I chimed in:)
Did you know only girls can have babies in their bellys?
"Yea, boys can't have babies in their beh-yees.  You have a baby in your beh-yee?"
No honey.  Do you want me to?
Really?! Why's that?
"Cause I want a sister."
A sister?  Wow.  What would you call her?
"Baby.  Sister."
Oh, okay.  And would you help with her?
"Yea! I would feed her."
Really?  Would you change her diaper?
"Yep.  I would let her do anything she wanted.  I would protect her."
Wow, that's great buddy.  Would you even share your toys with her?
Wellthen.  Good to know.

This Morning
(This conversation happened in pre-school, and was told to Bill & I during lunch)
Who has a baby brother or sister at home?
{Owen raises his hand}
Owen!  You have a baby at home?!
"Well, not yet."
"Yep.  In a couple weeks momma's gonna have a baby."
{about 15 minutes later, during another part of the day entirely, Owen raises his hand}
"I'm gonna have a baby brother and we're gonna name him Jesus."
Maybe I need to re-explain the Nativity story we read last night at bedtime.

This Afternoon
Owen, Miss Cynthia told me that you told the class momma was gonna have a baby?
"Yea, a brother."
Oh. And what did you say we were going to name him?
Oh honey.  Momma doesn't have a baby in her belly, that was a story about Mary and when God gave her the baby and she named him Jesus.
"Oh. But will God give you a baby?"
Will God give me a baby? Yes, I guess so.  But not right now.  Maybe some other time.
"But I want a brother."
You do?  Why's that?
"Because I wanna feed him."
Aw, well when we have a baby I will let you have a turn at feeding him.
"Okay. And when he poops in his diaper you can change it and I will check on his diaper for you."
Okay honey.
Glad that's all cleared up.

You may or may not know that we don't have a TV here.  And the above post proves we have no need for one.  There's plenty of entertainment to go around. ( o.O )