June 18, 2014

Pen + Prayer

I've believed in the power of prayer for most of my adult life, but it's only recently that I'm realizing the power that can be released when a pen is added to the equation.
Let me back up...    

When we learned we had to leave our home in Tanzania earlier than originally expected, I resolved (in my head) to write down a list of 'needs' and a list of 'wants' - goals for our trip that we'd pray over.  Well, one thing after another kept happening, and between traveling, jet lag, moving houses only a couple days after landing, the surgery/procedures, it got a little crazy.  It seemed every spare 'adult' moment we had we spent
sleeping, cleaning/tidying up or enjoying the fast internet and streaming shows we'd missed out on.  Then one day, we finally said, "Nope.  No more internet until we get this list written down!"  We wrote down seven things that we were believing big for.  Seven things we wanted God to make happen on our furlough.

It's been about 5 1/2 weeks since we arrived, about 3 weeks since we made the list, and we can "check off" half our list.  We still have 10 weeks in America!  Maybe we need to add to our list!  ;)

By writing down what the two of us were going to agree on in prayer, it's helped us: a) remember what our goals are, b) connect more as a couple, c) see and be reminded daily what we're supposed to be praying for, d) see how God has shown up (over & over again!) and answered our prayers.  I'm kicking myself for not doing this sooner.  I'm sure there are people reading this post right now thinking, "Psh.  Duh.  I do this all the time."  Well THANKS for sharing the news flash!  :)   JUST kidding.

Seriously though, I'm now on the hunt for a journal that we will be turning into a prayer journal.  Not a place where we write our actual prayers, but a place where we write what/who we are praying for AND the responses we see from God.  Sure, there are several times in my life I can look back and say, "I prayed for X and Y happened!"  but how awesome will it be to have a written account of every. single. thing. that we see God moving on in our lives?  And oh, I so look forward to the day we can show our son all the amazing things God has done, even when we're old and feeble and have the memory of Dory the fish we'll have a written record.

We'd love it if you would partner with us in praying through the rest of our list!  We appreciate all of you that already follow our journey and pray with us!

We're believing big for our furlough!
- Rest and refreshment for our family 
- Unexpected opportunities 
- $2000 per month increase of support
- Deeper relationships 
- An increase of people to share our vision & hearts 
- 100% of health costs covered
- A new(ish) reliable laptop and/or tablet to take back

Stay tuned for posts that detail how some of those check marks are being seen!