June 02, 2014

Our Son Loves McDonalad's

Yes, you read that correctly.  Today we took our three year old to McDonald's for the first time.  Ever.  He loved it.  What kid wouldn't, right?
He climbed, he played, he slid down the slide, he bounced in the little sphere thing, and about ten minutes later came out, walked over to us and said:
"Hey! Momma!  I think there's a restaurant here, did you know that?!"

To which I replied, "Yea, there sure is honey!"
"Maybe can we eat here some time momma? They have food?"
"Um, yea they have food, but no we probably won't eat here honey, but you can play here all you want."
"Okay!" he exclaimed as he ran off into the play place again.

After another ten minutes of serious playing he came over an asked for a snack, and after realizing I forgot to throw something in my purse, I did cave and get him a yogurt parfait for a buck.  He was ecstatic, ate half of it, played some more, then ate the other half.

Later that night when we were back at Gramma's house, Bill said, "Did you tell Gramma where we went today?"
His eyes lit up and he started excitedly explaining, "We went to this super big play place!"
Gramma said, "Oh you went to McDonald's?"
With a furrowed brow he replied, "No, it was a playing thing..."  - I interjected over him in a whisper to a confused look on Gramma's face, "He doesn't know what that is mom, he just thinks it's a play place with a restaurant attached."

Reason #37529 that I love raising our boy in Africa.