September 05, 2013

First Day of { }

{Jr. High}

My amazing coworkers: Emily (pre-k), Francis(9th), Holly (4th/5th), Beckey (2nd/3rd), Megan (K/1st), and Me (6th/7th/8th). 

Walking in from the hallway in the back of the room...  Rounding the corner, looking to the front
Walking in from outside (to the right of the chalkboard) and looking to the left (that's a built-n closet)
The blue sheet is hiding the hallway and will eventually become the reading 'corner' once I get some shelves built (no Ikea in Tz, darn.)  :)

I didn't think to grab any pics of my kids with my real camera, so this cell phone shot will have to do

Right now I have three students, but I will have four starting in about a week or so.  I have one American girl, one Tanzanian girl, and one Tanzanian boy.  The girl coming in a week is also Tanzanian.  Two of them are in 6th grade and two of them are in 8th.  
The other guy in the photo is my TA, Peter.  He's pretty much amazing.  He's Kenyan and used to teach in another city.  He leads the 6th grade group in math and as he gets more comfortable with the western style of teaching he'll be leading more and more subjects.  We may even try to convert halfway through the year to a more traditional style where the kids rotate classes and each teacher is responsible for only one-two subjects.  

And now the moment you've all been waiting for...


Standing outside the preschool building (holding his lunch)

 Miss Dorothy helping wash his hands          Playing blocks with new friends!

Lunch time!  Beans & Rice next to his friend Emmersyn 

A quick smile with teacher Dorothy at the end of the day

Owen did amazing on his first day of preschool!