September 01, 2013

In 3 Minutes

In 3 minutes I have to go to bed, but I know it's been a while since I blogged so I'm going to do my best in the 3 minutes I have left... and hope the internet doesn't wig out on me and quit again for the 4347908734 time today.

School starts tomorrow.  I'm excited.  A wee bit nervous (but I always am before school starts).

My son is going to his first day of school tomorrow.  That freaks me out a bit.  NEVER thought I'd be putting him in school this early.  It will be good for him, and for us, and he's super excited.

Bill goes to a 3 day farming seminar starting Tuesday to learn more about Farming God's Way.  I'm excited to see where that leads us once school gets settled and we can talk to the Global Effect peeps more about what his role may be.

Today we tried live-streaming our church service.  Before it just made me super happy and stuff.  Today it made me sad.  I miss those people.

Super excited (and thankful) that Owen is 100% potty trained.  Even at night.  He has been for a while now actually.  We never put him in a diaper, and he rarely has accidents.  But we have to take his potty everywhere we go (for long periods of time) because he's terrified of big toilets.  Understandable here since they rarely have seats and he really could fall all the way through to the ocean.

Made my own spaghetti sauce again today - attempt #2 was WAY better than the first.  Now if only I had written it down....

I don't know if I'm more nervous about the act of teaching, or the act of being on my feet all day again for the first time in three years.  :)

I'm super thankful for the community we have here.  And for technology.  Being a missionary in a foreign country without either of the above would suck.  Kudos to those people who are called to remote jungles with no internet access or westerners.

AH!  It's been 4 minutes.  I must get to bed.  Here's hoping I actually sleep and sleep well on this first-day-of-school-eve.

Also, I want some brownies.  Ghiradelli ones.

The end.