March 22, 2013


If you know our son at all, you know helping is one of his gifts.  The kid loves to help.  He will help make granola, he'll help clean the house, help feed the cat, help do laundry - helping is his thing and it brings him such joy.

One afternoon we were lounging around the apartment and he was getting restless.  So I said, somewhat flippantly, "Honey, why don't you get the bucket and go get the laundry out of the washer, I think it's done and ready to be taken out to dry."
So I watch him disappear with the bucket.
It's super quiet and Bill & I enjoy that for a minute, before looking at each other and realizing just how quiet it is.  So we get up and check on O.  And this is what we find:

We go back out to the living room and sit down, smiling at each other, so proud of our little boy who is so eager to help, no questions asked.
A few moments later he comes waddling out with a 'matter-of-fact' look on his face.  "Laundry ahhht." "The laundry's all done?"
"Oh okay, well, can you push the bucket out here to the door so we can go hang it on the porch?"

He turns around and waddles quickly back to the bathroom, we hear him grunting a bit as he pushes the heavy, wet clothes our way.

Love that kid and his helping heart.

Another day we were visiting the Street family, and Owen & Bill were outside.  I glanced out the window to see what was happening to find Owen holding a leaf and handing it to Eli B (the gardener). Eli B loves Owen and got a kick out of him handing him leaves, one by one, as he raked some into a bucket.  He eventually handed Owen the rake and let him 'help' that way too.  Owen was in heaven.  
Every time we went over there he wanted to help Eli B. 
One day we were out walking around, looking for the tortoises.  We found Eli B and he tagged along until we found two of them back by the clothesline.  Eli B ran over to the table, grabbed a bowl and pulled out the baby tortoise - presenting it to Owen.  
 O thought it was pretty neat and poked at it for a minute.  Eli B was just smiling down at him, then O looked at Eli B, looked over at the other two (grown) turtles munching on the grass and promptly walked over and gently set the baby turtle down right next to the others.  He then looked at Eli B, crossed his arms over his chest (the way he does when he's proud of himself) and smiled real big.  As if he was saying, "I'm a good helper Eli B!  I put the turtle back where he goes." 

O. Em.  GEeee.  It was adorable. Eli B thought so too. :)

One day we were at the Welch's house, having lunch and talking about the logistics of moving to Tanzania (they just moved there 6 months ago).  Owen was getting bored so Vicki suggested he go out with their house mama and help with laundry.  All he needed to hear was the "L" word and he was on it.  He was actually kind of sad when there wasn't any more laundry that needed to be hung on the line.  
We left their house, then came back a few hours later for dinner and worship, and when we told O we were going back to Vicki & Vince's house the first thing he said was, "Laundry?"

I so hope you read this someday, little bear, and see that the gift God has given you to help others started at such a young age.  I look forward to watching you grow in this gifting and am excited to see where it takes you in life.  Momma & Papa love you and your helpful heart, sweet boy!