March 21, 2013


It's Thursday and I wake up remembering the night before and we pray to God that he helps us not to strive today- but that we live in the moment. I promise to seek him rather than the answers.
I'm preparing for a photo shoot at Melinda's. Her driver arrives to pick us up and we go as a family to her beautiful property about 25 minutes away from Shanty Town. We have a wonderful time taking photos and she invites us to come Saturday for her weekly tea garden. In exchange of me taking photos of the tea garden guests, food and workers, we can enjoy lunch as a family. I gladly accept, drooling already at the prospect of eating more of Melinda's home-cooking. She mentions that her friend may want photos if we have time before we leave Sunday and that she'll put her in contact with me.
I'm riding in the back of the Neuberger's car now as the sun sets behind the trees. We're headed up Kili a ways to a lodge for their family photo session.
I'm sitting here thinking, as the bats squeak in the night air, for the first time today. And I'm thinking about school, and August. But I'm thinking about how I haven't been thinking about it all day. And I'm proud of myself for not striving. For living in the moment. And I see God's face. Because in one day I held two photo sessions and booked another two. More cash continuing to fill our missions fund.