February 05, 2013

Praise Jesus!

I want you to read this when you're older.
Maybe when you're a teenager struggling with the concept of faith, or maybe when a bump in the road comes along trying to derail you.  I want this to be forever documented so you can remember.  So you can see what I get to witness in you, tears brimming my eyes, every. single. time it happens.  (which is a lot these days)

The other day you asked me to put some music on so you could play your guitar.

I put on the Laurie Berkner Band station on Pandora (you like watching her 'dinosaur' video a lot).  As soon as the first lyric was sung you said, "No.  Praise Jesus" and put your hand in the air.
"You want praise Jesus music?" I asked.
"Yeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!" You exclaimed emphatically, jumping up and down with your guitar strapped over your shoulder.  As soon as that Fee song came on, you started dancing and singing and raising your hand every once in a while shouting "Praise Jesus!" with an ear-to-ear grin on your face.  Proof that joy, true joy, comes from no one but Him.

In the car ride this morning I flipped on the radio, just because, and the Hillsong CD was in.  You've only heard this track one other time, but you immediately raised your hand in the backseat and shouted "Praise Jesus!"
"Yea, this is praise Jesus music honey!  You want me to turn it up?"
"YEEEAAAHHH!!" you exclaimed, with that smile spreading over your face again, and your hands beginning to clap along to the music.
As the track started to fade out your smile faded too, and I saw a concerned look came across your brow as I glanced in the mirror to see you.
"More?" you asked.
"Yes, honey, there's more."
It only took you three songs to figure out that you didn't have to keep asking for more, that it would keep playing.  Eventually you began to recognize that the end of the song didn't mean the end of the music and you would clap right along with the audience from that Live CD, with a smile on your face anxious for the new song to start.

Your love for worship is so sweet, so child-like, and so wide-open.  I love the way you want "Praise Jesus" music.  I love the way it fills you up with joy and the smile that comes over your face.
I try to stop it, but I can't.  Every time I see you praising Jesus, it brings tears to my eyes.

You, my son, are anointed by God, just as your middle name implies.  And someday when it doesn't 'feel' like it, I want you to read this and remember, it has always been so.  From the very beginning.  And you recognized it before you were even two years old.