December 19, 2012

In Which I Forget to Tell You a First -

Remember that one time I took Owen to the zoo for the first time?  No?  Oh.  Right, that's cause I totally forgot to post about it.  Oops.  Better late than never :)

So my college roommate messaged me and asked if we wanted to come meet them (and their three kiddos) at the NC Zoo.  They live up in MI and we haven't seen them in about three years, so I was super excited to connect with her again - plus it would be O's first trip to the zoo, so double bonus!

We had a lot of fun - he loved hanging out with those little girls and playing on the playground!

He had no idea what he was sitting on, but he thought it was cool nonetheless :)

Watching to see how she does it... 

Then (unsuccessfully) giving it a try himself...
That didn't stop him from having fun though... he headed for the vine off the giant gourd next

Next we wandered around taking our time looking at all the animals, we came across the Gorilla nice and close - leaning right up against the glass! (that's O's head in the foreground - that's as close as he wanted to get, that thing was huge and I think it was a little intimidating for him)

 We even had the pleasure of seeing the gorilla have a little lunch!
See that green stuff in his hand?  Yea.  That's not lettuce.  Or avocado.  It's poop.
We witnessed him stand up, flip over like he was about to do a somersault, then sat back down with a handful of yummy, warm and fresh poo.  
Lovely.  Just Lovely.
We saw lots of animals, and I didn't take a ton of pics because we were just chatting and having a good ol' time.  I managed to snap a pic on my phone of the kids all getting ready to enjoy a lunch break - tail-gating style :)

After lunch we headed to the Africa section of the zoo - we got to see lots of giraffes up close, and the ostrich was pretty close too.  I couldn't resist pics - i just <3 :=":" giraffes="giraffes" p="p">

All in all, it was a super fun day at the zoo!  Owen had a blast making new friends, I had a ton of fun catching up with an old friend, and it was a gorgeous day to boot!  Not bad for a first trip to the zoo :)
Even if I didn't get around to posting it until a month later...