May 12, 2012

Before I forget...

Owen got his first scraped knee on Monday, May 7th.  He was standing up on some concrete and went to get down on his knees as he usually does to crawl away, but went down a little harder than normal and got a big scrape on his knee - blood and all.  Poor guy cried just for a couple minutes and then was all better.  He crawls around like it's nothin' now :) We even went to the park the other day and he was crawling everywhere - it was so cute to see him exploring the park and finding things to climb on - he's gonna love it when he can run around it!

Owen took SIX steps on Wednesday!  We were at a friend's house playing and I stood him up and said, "Show Mrs. Becky how you can walk like a big boy" - expecting maybe one step, possibly two - the most he's ever done for me.  And he walked almost all the way to her - six whole steps! 
Then yesterday he and I were playing in the living room and he was about 4 feet away from me.  I was trying to pick up some toys that he wasn't using and I looked up to see him walking at me - all on his own with a big ol' grin on his face.  He only made it about 4 steps, but it was SO cool to see him try walking without being prompted!

He cruises all over the place pushing things - his walker thingy, his rocket, his bouncy bike - even his Leap Frog table (which isn't meant to be pushed, it's just a table).  It's pretty cute.

He also has a huge fascination with the piano. We've got a roommate again who happens to be pretty musical and he found an upright piano for free, so we said he could put it in the dining room.  Owen loves plunking on the keys and playing.  I've been working on teaching him how to be 'gentle' with the keys and he's done great transitioning from banging on the keys to just playing them.  Our roomie as recently been tuning the piano so the front panel is off, exposing the hammers and strings - so Owen's latest thing is wanting to stand on my lap to see the inside while I plunk on some of the keys.  He says "Wassat, wassat?" (What's that) and I explain to him how the piano works -every. single. time.

That is his favorite phrase right now too - "Wassat"  He says it to everything.  All the time.  It's cute and I love that he's learning and exploring and curious about things!

Okay, I think that's all - just wanted to chronicle those things before I forgot :)