February 22, 2012

Before I Forget...

I know, I know, I still need to post about our Michigan trip, but before I forget, I had to post these updates about our little Owen -
-He knows the 'more' sign now and can do it when eating!  YAY for communication!  He also says 'duh duh duh' for 'drink'.
-When washing his face after eating (which he hates) I've been using the washcloth and making him do the motorboat sound with his lips - so now he tries to do it with his hands occasionaly and he usually does it, and then gets all excited that he does it.
- I taught him how to fist-bump the other day, and now he asks for them and particularly likes it when you 'blow it up'. :)
- He is crawling faster than the speed of light and I love listening to the pitter-patter of his hands and knees as he races across the floor

- He can move himself on his little Radio Flyer Rocket - not very much at a time, but he's getting there!

- He's transitioning between the coffee table and couch, the window and the couch and furniture and us... walking is coming right around the corner I think!