January 25, 2012

Hang On! Hault! Pause! Wait a minute!

Gosh, I can't keep up with our little man!  He's learning so much and doing so much so fast these days!
Our roommate taught him how to give high-fives, it's pretty cute.  But.  He's selective on to whom he will give a high-five, which is pretty funny. 
He's a crawling machine these days!
 He'd only gotten into the entertainment center once.... until we had a few babies over for our fundraiser and little miss Caroline showed him how to properly open and empty out the movies inside.  Now he's a pro at it.  I guess that's what friends are for, right? :)
He's pulled himself up to his feet at least three times in his crib, and once on the ottoman, but has yet to take any steps. 
He is saying all sorts of stuff these days: dadadadada is the most common, but he's throwing in some SSsssss and thhhh and, jjjjeehjjeeehjjeeh, and zzeehzzzaah, plbplbplbplb, rarararar too.
The 'motorboat' face :)
His sixth tooth finally popped through the other day, thank heavens.  Hopefully we have a respit from teething for a while.  Poor kid was waking up every hour, for almost a week straight. 
After the tooth popped through it was 'sleep sitting' that was waking him up.  He would be crying so I'd go check on him and he was sitting up... but still alseep.  Poor kid was so tired last night when that happened that when I put his paci back in his mouth (he was still sitting up) he just about did a nose-dive to lay back down again he was soooo tired.  The past two nights he's done much better, sleeping until bout 2, then I will go give him his paci and help him lay back down, and he'll sleep until 6ish.
Can't believe my baby boy is gonna be 9 months old this week.  Crazy.  I'm interested to see how he's grown at his 9mo. checkup next Monday :)