January 14, 2012

... Continued

Where was I?

Oh so Owen can now clearly communicate "no."  He's been doing it for about two or three days while he's eating.  If I hold up food or try to push it toward him and he doesn't want it he shakes his head.  I will try again to see if it's just a fluke and he shakes it harder. Nope.  Not a fluke. :)  Today for the first time, he 'said' no when I offered him one of the toys he had sitting around him, and again when I was tickling him and he'd had enough he shook his head no.  We're in trouble.  He's only 8 months old and he knows "no!"  I am glad that he can communicate effectively now though and I think it makes him happier too.  And I must admit, it's stinkin' adorable to watch him shake his head. :)

He hasn't been eating or sleeping the best lately, these two teeth he's workin' on are somethin' else.  They're the worst teething yet.  I feel like he's been teething for.ev.er. Oh wait.  He HAS.  Sheesh, it's been like two months of hardcore teething.  And my aunt likes to remind me that the average human has 20-something teeth.  Thanks for the reminder.  :)

Okay, I think that's all that was on my mind the other day when I was trying to post... I have new things on my mind now, it's about Satan and his wily schemes.  Silly Satan.  I'll write a new post about that later.  For now, I must beat my husband in MarioKart Wii.