September 07, 2011

A 'Sista' For Owen

So I started this little project for my peanut.. and I'm kind of loving the way it's going. 
I started with a plain blue onesie from Old Navy.  I wanted charcoal grey... or even black.. but you would not BELIEVE how stinkin' difficult it is to find a PLAIN black onesie for a boy that doesn't have a pocket... or cost $12.  Sorry, but I refuse to pay more than $5 for a shirt.  So I settled for navy blue.. and the Labor Day clearance meant that I only had to pay $5 for it. :)
Oh and I also used an old white onesie that Owen never wore and that didn't sell in my garage sale.
It really isn't that hard.  A little tedious....
But not hard at all.
But I ran out of thread.
So now it says Assista
Instead of assistant.


I see many more custom shirts in Owen's future.  It's so fun and easy!