September 03, 2011

Frozen Frog Legs... among other things.

Just some things about little Owen lately...

- Two days ago he started teething.  I knew it when 1) He woke up twice during the night fussy. (He generally sleeps through the night 7-8ish PM - 5-6ish AM) 2) He was no longer just shoving his hands/fingers in his mouth - he was chewing.  Noshing on things is now his pastime.  Pacis.  Fingers. Frozen frog feet (his toy froggy has dangly feet). Washcloths.  Burp rags.  Blankets.  Puppy.  He's not a fan of hard plastic or soft plastic things, but he goes after anything that's cloth.  We got him an amber necklace today.  It's to help with the teething... you can read more about it here.  Don't freak out.  We don't let him sleep with it on.  And it's not girly - you can't see it anyway because it goes under his clothes.  :)  We are not a fan of medicating - we'd rather try natural stuff first.  Don't get me wrong, we'll medicate if necessary.. but well, that's a whole 'nother post. :)

- The past couple of weeks he's become a hip-rider.  You know, when babies are really small and you carry them up-right (not cradling) they just kind of go flat against your chest?  Well, he's decided he's a big boy and he likes to ride over to the side now so he can look around. :)

- The past few days he's taken more of an interest in the cats.  He watches them closely and even has gotten a few nuzzles from Oliver.  Cricket could care less and doesn't generally go to near.. but Oliver is attached to him.  Oliver will even sit in the nursery with me during bed time... it's cute. :)

- He's also taken more of an interest in the boy I'm nannying.  Before he would look at him but just not seem to care one way or the other, now if I set him up in front of the other little boy he laughs and smiles and giggles.  I think it's because he recognizes him.  It's cute to watch.

- Still no news on the rolling-over.  In fact, he doesn't roll over from tummy-to back very much anymore either.  Still does great at rolling onto his side though - he does it when he's ready for sleep.

That's all for now.. just trying to keep up with all the new things!