September 10, 2011


Do NOT pass 'Go'.  Do NOT collect $200.
I'd love to say that to my sweet 4 month old, but he'd probably just look at me blankly... kind of like this:
Hahaha... yea he's never even heard of Monopoly, but I bet one day he'll beat both of us at it.  He's just so smart... and so strong.. and growing up SO FAST!  I know, I know, everyone who's anyone's parent always says it.  But.  Well.  It's kind of true.
I mean, does this little boy look like he's only 4 months old???
He's getting really, really good at standing!  He held himself up when I stood him up near the couch the other day.  And when he's up, you really only have to hold onto him with one hand to balance him!  He also loves it when he's laying down and you let him grab your fingers and pull him to the standing position.

Sitting up is his new goal though.  He tries SO hard to sit up.  He refuses to lean back against things anymore, he wants to sit up!  I used to prop him in the corner of the couch every morning for Bible time, and then the other morning I looked over and saw this:
It's so cute to see him try so hard to sit up on his own!  He does a really good job if he's on something soft and cushy (I think it helps him balance more).  He especially likes sitting up on the couch and on our bed.
His downfall are his feet though... once he sees 'em, he's gotta have 'em! 
And as you can see below... he'll go to any length to get them in his mouth!!
 Yes, he was totally bent over from the sitting up position, eating his feet.  Babies are so bendy!

He has also been extremely observant lately.  He's always been a very alert and observant baby, but lately it seems to have multiplied!  He loves faces and touching and reaching for noses and mouths, and sometimes eyes.
I love this one of him and his papa :)

He's also been very watchful when we eat and drink lately... and he's been reaching for whatever we've got in our hands.  He definitely stuck his hand in my OJ the other morning while I was carrying him and it to the table :)  I bet when he does start food he's going to be a good eater because he seems to be watching our every move and taking mental notes so he will know how to use a spoon and a fork and a cup!

I so love watching him grow and change every day... but I do admit, things are speeding up a bit too fast for my taste!