June 05, 2011

First Things First

One of the amazing joys of being able to stay home with our little O is all the time I get with him... and all the amazing things I get to watch him do every single day.  I. Absolutely. Love. It.  I couldn't imagine missing these milestones because I was at work and he was at a day care or someplace like that.  They're just such sweet, sometimes 'meaningless' in the eyes of others, but nonetheless extraordinary things in the eyes of a mother.  Since I don't have a baby book yet (yea, I'm behind on that, but I'm really picky and haven't found one I like yet) I thought I'd record a bunch of firsts that little O has done in the past week or two - there have been many!!

~ May 22nd - First time to church!  It was a special service that was held outside in a HUGE tent to celebrate our church breaking ground on our property - there's no way we could miss it!  We've been with this church since almost the beginning of its days and it was so exhillerating to be able to witness that front-loader digging the first chunk of dirt outta the ground!  I cried tears of joy... and we were SO sweaty - it was about 95* that day! 
Owen did great, I held him in the sling for the first 30 minutes because he was sleeping, when he woke up he was a big ball of sweat, and hungry, so we headed to the car to turn on the AC and so I could feed him.  We headed back and stood in the shade for the rest of the message.  We would have hung around for all the fun and games afterward had it not been so hot, but we were all sweaty and tired so we headed back home.

~ May 29th - We went to a friend's house for the first time!  It was the first house Owen has been in (besides our own, of course).  We enjoyed a yummy dinner off the grill and some good times with friends.

~ May 30th - Lots of firsts this day!
-- His first mohawk! Momma decided to spice things up after bath time and try to play with that head of hair, and it was so cute!  I didn't even put anything it it, it stayed up most of the day because it dried that way!

-- His first mini-photoshoot!  Okay, so I take pictures of him every day, but this was the first time I actually got out some stuff and 'posed' him.  Wish I would have felt up to doing it sooner, when he was still pliable and teeny, but alas, I was not so these will do! (Thanks for the awesome quilt Great Grandma Helen!)
-- His first 'official' tummy time!  We give him lots of practice holding his head up when he hold up up on our shoulder (like to burp him) or on our chests, but this was his first time officially laying on his tummy (on a blanket made by Grandma Laura)- and all he wanted was to find his fist and suck on it!  :)

~ May 31st - His umbilical cord stump fell off!  I found it when I was changing his diaper around 3:00am... I'll admit, it grossed me out when I touched it.  I may have yelped a little bit and woke up hubby next to me. :)
(sorry, no picture of the stump... eeewwww... plus it was 3AM!)
~ June 2nd - Owen's first time on his play gym!  He absolutely loved looking at himself in the mirror, and he hit the rattle a few times too!  We only spend about 5-7 minutes at a time on the play mat for now, it's a bit overstimulating for him to be under there too long, but he does like it for the short time he's on there!
~June 3rd - His first real bath!  Since his stump finally fell off and his belly button healed, we could finally take a real bath!  He did pretty well for his first time in the tub!
~ June 4th - He rolled over!  Well.. sort of. :)  Every morning around 6-7am after his feeding we have special 'mommy time' in bed.  He gets to lay on daddy's side of the bed (since daddy's at work by then) and we chat, make faces at each other and snuggle until he falls back to sleep.  Well, this morning, he rolled over toward me and fell asleep on his side.  SO cute!  I only had my cell phone to take a picture with, so don't mind the lack in photo quality.
~ June 5th - First time in (normal) church!  We headed to church for the first time today and he did fabulous!  He was awake the entire time, didn't make a peep during worship, just sat in his seat looking at me.  He was getting a little hungry during the message so I took him out and gave him his bottle.  The rest of the time he hung out in my lap cooing and gahing at Pastor Troy's message.  He got startled a couple times when Pastor Troy got all loud and excited on stage, but we explained to him that he'll just need to get used to that, that's just cause Pastor is passionate :). 

That's a whole lotta firsts for just two weeks!  I suppose I'll keep track of the rest of the firsts on here for a while... until I finally find a baby scrapbook that I like anyway :)