June 24, 2011

As of Late...

As of late Peanut has taken to being a side sleeper.  I think it started with our morning snuggle time in our bed...
Right before I took this picture I was laying next to him on my side and he and rolled into me and wrapped his arms and legs around my arm... like a little koala.  It was adorable and so sweet!
Now he rolls onto his side on his own, or fuses and makes faces at me until I help him roll to his side, and then (usually) promptly falls asleep.  I realized this may be his new exclusive sleep style the other night when I lay him down in his pack-n-play for bedtime and he started crying - he never does that!  So I picked him up to snuggle a little more and he kept crying - very out of character for him!  So I put him back down and he was still crying, so I helped him roll over to his side and in one nanosecond he was out like a light... which wasn't actually out because we keep it on the dim setting all night so I can see what I'm doing when he wakes up to nurse.... but anyway...
Speaking of waking up - the past three nights he's been sleeping for longer stretches of time.  Usually between 6-7 hours for the first part of the night!  He wakes up a couple times in that block looking for his paci if it falls out, but once I give it back to him he goes right back to sleep.  So now he's going to bed around 9, falling asleep sometime before 10 and not waking up until somewhere between 3-5am.  Then he eats and goes back to sleep for a couple hours, wakes up to eat again around 6-7am and then gets snuggle time in bed with me until we both drift back asleep.  We usually get up for the day around 9am, get dressed and head downstairs. 
He still expects his swing time every day - and will fuss if he doesn't get it!  It's very cute and I love that he likes his swing so much.

He loves looking up at the little birdies as they go around the mobile... but eventually I will look over and find this:
... which will last anywhere from 2-4 hours. :)

Yesterday (the 23rd) I got him to giggle for the first time!  It was SO cute, one of those all-out-belly-laughs because I found his ticklish spot!  I love his little face when he smiles big or giggles - it's just SO cute!

He has also been going after his thumb more and more these days - very determinedly!
He still hasn't gotten it since I snapped this photo, but he will settle for his first finger or his fist for a little while until he gets frustrated and asks for paci.  We keep telling him Pacis taste better than fingers in hopes of him preferring the paci.  I'd rather him do a paci for lots of reasons: 1) Once he's more mobile and crawling who knows what will get on his hands - I'd rather he not be sticking those fingers in his mouth! 2) You can wean from a paci, but it's hard to take a thumb away (I should know, I sucked my thumb until I was 4!) 3) A paci is more ortho-friendly... whereas thumbsucking can cause issues with teeth.  Anyway, right now he seems to prefer a paci because he gets frustrated about his fingers, so we'll see how it goes. :)

We've been going to church regularly now and hanging out with friends and it's nice to get back into 'life'.  He does great at church, he usually stays in his stroller/carseat for most of the service and last week he even slept through the entire service!  If he does wake up during church it's because he's hungry, so I just give him his bottle and hold him for the rest of service.  He does a great job!
So far he's hung out with Josiah, Jaxon, Callie, Brooklyn and Tripp - and he seems to enjoy it :)  I know I certainly enjoy the mommy time with April, Charyl and Aimee!  We even went to his first-ever birthday party for little Addie, who just turned two.  He slept through almost the whole party.  :)
This is the only photo I've gotten of him actually 'playing' with a buddy - but this is Josiah, my best friend's 5 month old.
Yes, I'm aware that they don't look like they're three months apart in age, but they are. :)

So that's what's been going on with Peanut as of late.  As for the rest of us... we're doing well and settling into a routine.  I officially resigned from my teaching job, so that feels good.  I know without a doubt that God's plan is for me to stay home with O and watch him grow up rather than going back to work full time and it feels good to be following God's plan.  Yea, it's a little scary on paper, but we know that God's got it under control - He's never let us down before and we know He'll continue to provide!  I'd rather be paid in giggles and kisses anyway.  :)